For Auld Lang Syne

by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator

So, a friend of mine asked…what is the purpose behind our blog?  Is it simply for GCSS employees to read?  Or are we trying to reach a wider audience?

Ideally, the latter is true.  We would like others to know what we’re about, and promote awareness of the issues that we care about.  If this blog is one way to do that, then let’s use it!

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Internet, many nonprofit organizations don’t use it to its full potential.  Either that, or in the eyes of some, the ‘Net simply isn’t the best place for nonprofits to get their message to the world.

This New Year’s…let’s resolve to do our jobs better and make the best effort at helping our consumers and their families.  Whether that means making home visits, meeting with families, handling the billing, working in the office, or doing promotions, all are important (as easy as it is to forget that sometimes).

I know each one of you probably has your own New Year’s resolution (if you do make them at all), but all I ask is that you be realistic about yours!  Actually, I’m guilty of being unsuccessful at keeping a New Year’s resolution as well, so not to be a hypocrite – I resolve to do my job to the best of my ability.  And I resolve to do better at managing my anger and frustration in front of others.

Though I don’t claim that I’ll be successful 100% of the time, I think making the effort, and showing the results, are what counts.  (And if we all exercise a bit more, or go on a diet on top of that, more power to us…but it seems those are the resolutions that 99% of us don’t keep).

Anyway, see you all in January.  Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  And for goodness’ sake…give yourself a little break.


About gcsscommunity

My name is Eric Pudalov, and I work as Community Events Coordinator with Georgia Community Support and Solutions, whose mission is to provide creative, life-enriching solutions to people with developmental disabilities and their families. I became interested in this field, however, due to having a disability myself; namely, I had brain surgery in 1996 at age 14, to remove a benign tumor. Following this, I had many difficulties with short-term memory, loss of strength, confusion, and emotional control. Fortunately, at present, I've recovered much of what I'd lost. Despite some setbacks, I graduated high school with honors, and received an academic scholarship to Adelphi Univ., where I earned a BA in Communications. Since then, I've held a number of different jobs and internships, among them a TA position at Sylvan Learning Center, and work as a "Service Leader" with Hands on Atlanta. Since living in GA, I've also been involved with two programs (including GCSS) that serve people with disabilities. My experience has included sharing apartments with adults with autism and other disorders. Though my so-called "limitations" may differ from those of others in the program, these experiences have helped me to realize that people, overall, are capable of much more than we may at first perceive. Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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