On a More Personal Note…

by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator

Things have been a little hectic this week, as I’m moving into a new apartment in Midtown Atlanta with my fiancée. It’s right across the street from Piedmont Park, one of our favorite locations.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course…just that any move can be stressful, and it tends to show at work! However, being that my role is in “Community Events,” I hope that being right in Midtown will give me more access to events that are going on right in the heart of Atlanta.

Granted, not all of these events are suitable for people with disabilities, but for the ones that are – I’ll let you readers know! I’m aware that many of the people we serve at GCSS are located in Marietta, Smyrna, and other areas outside the perimeter (OTP), but if you can make it to some of these Atlanta galas, I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy them.

I hope that in my new apartment, I can get a better feel for the neighborhood and learn some of the secret “hot spots” that Creative Loafing Atlanta is always blogging about.

By the way…I am also aware that Creative Loafing is a very liberal paper in general, and that some may not agree with its viewpoints. But this blog is not intended to be a political one, so if I ever use CL as a source of information, it’s meant to be purely that.

There are, of course, times when political issues revolve around disability rights, and in those cases, I do feel it’s important to discuss such issues.

So if anyone ever feels the need to express an opinion related to disabilities or disability rights, feel free.

I guess this begs the question, “What’s the angle of your blog?” Well, the original Georgia Community Support and Solutions blog began before I even worked for the organization, but it was hosted on Blogspot, which I’ve come to realize is less of a professional-looking blog.

The angle I now aim for when writing these entries is to inform others about events that we’re hosting; talk about issues that are relevant to our organization and people we support; discuss general job-related issues that sometimes come up at the office (without naming names, of course); and to network with others in the disability support community, as well as other bloggers (e.g. The Fight Against Destructive Spin) and social networking experts (e.g. Sherry Heyl and Concept Hub, Inc.) whom we respect and seek out for advice.

With all this in mind, we hope to keep improving this blog and making it more accessible to those interested in these issues and information about disabilities.


About gcsscommunity

My name is Eric Pudalov, and I work as Community Events Coordinator with Georgia Community Support and Solutions, whose mission is to provide creative, life-enriching solutions to people with developmental disabilities and their families. I became interested in this field, however, due to having a disability myself; namely, I had brain surgery in 1996 at age 14, to remove a benign tumor. Following this, I had many difficulties with short-term memory, loss of strength, confusion, and emotional control. Fortunately, at present, I've recovered much of what I'd lost. Despite some setbacks, I graduated high school with honors, and received an academic scholarship to Adelphi Univ., where I earned a BA in Communications. Since then, I've held a number of different jobs and internships, among them a TA position at Sylvan Learning Center, and work as a "Service Leader" with Hands on Atlanta. Since living in GA, I've also been involved with two programs (including GCSS) that serve people with disabilities. My experience has included sharing apartments with adults with autism and other disorders. Though my so-called "limitations" may differ from those of others in the program, these experiences have helped me to realize that people, overall, are capable of much more than we may at first perceive. Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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