Event Update from VSA Arts of Georgia

Reposted from VSA Arts’ Website by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator

VSA (Vision, Strength, and Action) of Georgia states that their mission is to provide “access to the arts for people with disabilities and those with low income.  We are a statewide resource working with artists and organizations to fulfill  vision of an inclusive community that encourages everyone to enjoy and participate in the arts.”  For more information about them, visit VSA Arts of GA: About Us


Woodruff Arts Center
VSA Arts of GA
Southwest Arts Center presents Kenny Leon‘s True Colors Theatre Company: “Broke-ology– In accordance with Broke-ology – the science of being broke – the King family has learned to balance sacrifice and let love keep them together.  Dad remains in his home even as his health and his neighborhood are deteriorating.

When the question is raised [as to] how to take care of their ailing father, the two brothers find themselves strangely at odds.  This comic drama encourages us to stay linked to our roots no matter where life takes us.

Starring: Afemo Omilami, Eric Little, Enoch King, and Jasmine Guy.

Limit: 5 tickets

Saturday, Feb. 5: arrival time 1:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 9: arrival time 7:30 PM

Alliance Stage, Woodruff Arts Center presents “Bring It On”: Two squads.  Two schools.  One mission: claim the title at the National Cheerleading Championships.  The high-stakes world of competitive cheerleading meets the cutthroat rivalries of high school politics and romance in this bold and explosive new musical comedy.  How do you learn to be true to your team and to yourself?  Sometimes it’s got to get ugly before it gets pretty.  Game on.  For directions to this venue, visit Woodruff Arts Center.

**Parental advisory: contains mild profanity

Limit: 5 tickets

Sunday, February 6: arrival time 7:00 PM

About gcsscommunity

My name is Eric Pudalov, and I work as Community Events Coordinator with Georgia Community Support and Solutions, whose mission is to provide creative, life-enriching solutions to people with developmental disabilities and their families. I became interested in this field, however, due to having a disability myself; namely, I had brain surgery in 1996 at age 14, to remove a benign tumor. Following this, I had many difficulties with short-term memory, loss of strength, confusion, and emotional control. Fortunately, at present, I've recovered much of what I'd lost. Despite some setbacks, I graduated high school with honors, and received an academic scholarship to Adelphi Univ., where I earned a BA in Communications. Since then, I've held a number of different jobs and internships, among them a TA position at Sylvan Learning Center, and work as a "Service Leader" with Hands on Atlanta. Since living in GA, I've also been involved with two programs (including GCSS) that serve people with disabilities. My experience has included sharing apartments with adults with autism and other disorders. Though my so-called "limitations" may differ from those of others in the program, these experiences have helped me to realize that people, overall, are capable of much more than we may at first perceive. Search Engine Submission - AddMe
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2 Responses to Event Update from VSA Arts of Georgia

  1. Elizabeth Labbe-Webb says:

    Thanks Eric for passing on the event info for our work at VSA arts of Georgia. I’m very happy that you chose to share it with your audience. One quick but very important note: Our name is VSA arts of Georgia. We have deliberately made no reference to VERY SPECIAL ARTS for more than 12 years in response to our own constituency who vehemently opposed the “Very Special”. At VSA arts of Georgia, we believe that no person is more or less special than any other and have chosen to drop any reference to that from our name. If you would like to help us in that, please feel free. Around here, the “VSA” reminds that we have “vision, strength and that we regularly take action” to pursue our goals.

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