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The Opinions of this Blogger Do Not Necessarily Reflect the Opinions of GCSS

Based on my previous entry, there’s one more thing I should clear up: I occasionally express personal opinions in this blog that are not representative of Georgia Community Support and Solutions as a whole. Continue reading

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Objection, Your Honor! Relevance? (A Reflection on the Blog and Social Media)

As you can see by the picture above, there are some out there who are cynical about blogging in general. While I’m not necessarily one of these people, I do see their point in some instances.

Recently, someone in our organization noted that a few of the blog entries I’d written seemed a bit “off topic.” While the critique wasn’t highly specific… Continue reading

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What’s a Hoot? HootSuite, of Course!

Back in June, we signed up for HootSuite, another great social networking tool that I feel we haven’t used to its greatest potential.

If you’re unfamiliar, allow me to explain: HootSuite gives you the opportunity to integrate all of your various social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.), and check out RSS feeds from your friends on each. It’s very similar to TweetDeck (designed by Twitter), in which you can see, in a simple interface, whom you follow, who’s following you, and all the latest tweets your friends have made.

Continue reading

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Why Are People Afraid of Clowns? They Don’t Look Under the Make-Up!

A topic I frequently joke about among friends is clowns, in particular “evil clowns.” I don’t remember as to why this has become a running gag among my group of friends, but regardless, I’m aware that many people are afraid of clowns. Continue reading

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Help! You Know I Need Someone…

All this writing about SEO, other blogs, promotional tools, and page traffic has got me thinking – perhaps it’s time we invite a guest blogger onto this humble WordPress page? Continue reading

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In regards to yesterday’s blog entry…I want to stress that my idea about using the “chatterbots” to work with people who have disabilities was only a thought on my part, and does not represent the opinions of GCSS as a whole.

I admit that I’m not an expert on autism, and although I’ve met quite a few individuals with varying forms of the illness, this does not mean that I have the training to develop a computer program for them.
Continue reading

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On a More Personal Note…

Things have been a little hectic this week, as I’m moving into a new apartment in Midtown Atlanta with my fiancée. It’s right across the street from Piedmont Park, one of our favorite locations.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course…just that any move can be stressful, and it tends to show at work!

I hope that in my new apartment, I can get a better feel for the neighborhood and learn some of the secret “hot spots” that Creative Loafing is always blogging about.

By the way…I am also aware that Creative Loafing is a very liberal paper in general, and that some may not agree with its viewpoints. Continue reading

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If You Have Any Complaints, Please Call…

I thought it important that I should follow up on my previous entry, in which I discussed some of the Google results for GCSS.

One person on that site complained specifically about us, saying that we had poor management and treated her rudely when she came in to ask about services.

Ever since I have worked here, I have never found the support coordinators to be rude when speaking on the phone to potential clients, or anyone else for that matter. Continue reading

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