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The Poetry of Work is…Image, Image, Image!

Once again, I’ve borrowed my title from an important person in my life, namely a college screenwriting professor.

My fiancee recently sent me a link from Yahoo! HotJobs entitled What Your Workspace Says About You, and I thought it worth sharing here.

It makes a number of excellent points about what conclusions people might draw from the image of your workspace.

I once visited the office of CosmoCom, Inc., whose “mission is to optimize communication between organizations and their customers.” Continue reading

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If You Have Any Complaints, Please Call…

I thought it important that I should follow up on my previous entry, in which I discussed some of the Google results for GCSS.

One person on that site complained specifically about us, saying that we had poor management and treated her rudely when she came in to ask about services.

Ever since I have worked here, I have never found the support coordinators to be rude when speaking on the phone to potential clients, or anyone else for that matter. Continue reading

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Google-ization Without Representation

On this day off, I happened to be “Googling myself,” so to speak, just out of curiosity, and came upon some different profiles on social networking sites that represent me quite differently.

I realize that, for employers, there is certain information I wouldn’t want to put on the Web, and in general, I don’t put that stuff out there. Still, being that I recently joined a social network for horror movie fans, and am also on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and LinkedIn, you could see a very different Eric depending on which link you clicked.

So, I would like to ask Sherry Heyl, at Mindblogging, is there a way to at least keep outdated information from being the first Google result when you type something in? Would it help to have more Web resources about our programs and what we do? Continue reading

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An area of online promotion that has basically been around since the invention of the Web, but is still somewhat new to me, is the creation of banner ads (and all other types, for that matter).

I hate pop-up and pop-under ads, and basically all other intrusive forms of advertising, so I refuse to design those.

You might ask, “How did you get your position if you don’t know much about online advertising?” Continue reading

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Meet the Press

Since my recent adventures in networking online, I’ve begun to brainstorm about what other social networks and/or strategies might be beneficial to our cause.

Arment Dietrich, a marketing firm, states that they “…provide strategic counsel and apply aggressive public relations tactics to expand your internal communication team.”

Also today, in between working on our events calendar and the Excitement Committee display, I happened upon an article entitled Get Traffic to My Website—Tips to Increase Website Traffic… Continue reading

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Excitement Committee Updated Display

by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator

I’m happy to report that the Excitement Committee Picnic was a success! There was an excellent turnout, as well as delicious food, thrilling activities, and a great summer atmosphere.

Serving as the event’s official “DJ,” I enjoyed having the chance to play a variety of music, including LL Cool J…
Continue reading

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Georgia Respite Summit

Obviously, those working at GCSS are familiar with Respite Care, but for those who aren’t, it consists of short-term or temporary care of the sick or disabled, in order to give “respite” (relief) to the normal caregiver (in most cases, a family member). Continue reading

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A Dress Code?? Oh, Right.

In regards to the company-wide e-mail sent out by Human Resources Director Valerie Henderson about dress code, I thought it worth addressing in the blog.

A few years ago, I also worked in a position similar to the one I have with GCSS…

I don’t mean to be a hypocrite, because there have been a few days when I’ve come in looking disheveled, and although I’m still technically an extern, I would never want to present GCSS in a negative light.
Continue reading

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