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In regards to yesterday’s blog entry…I want to stress that my idea about using the “chatterbots” to work with people who have disabilities was only a thought on my part, and does not represent the opinions of GCSS as a whole.

I admit that I’m not an expert on autism, and although I’ve met quite a few individuals with varying forms of the illness, this does not mean that I have the training to develop a computer program for them.
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Nonprofit Writer’s Block…

As I felt the urge to write a blog entry this morning, I realized I had almost no idea what to blog about.

Therefore, I once again turned to one of my personal favorite blogs, The Fight Against Destructive Spin. Continue reading

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How Criminal Minds Relates to Disability Support…

As I was pondering various professional blogs this morning, wondering what to write myself, the show Criminal Minds, on CBS, somehow came to mind…

Obviously, our organization isn’t trying to catch criminals or rescue crime victims. However…

Each of our programs, and the people who work in those departments, have different areas of expertise upon which we focus our efforts. Continue reading

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On a More Personal Note…

Things have been a little hectic this week, as I’m moving into a new apartment in Midtown Atlanta with my fiancée. It’s right across the street from Piedmont Park, one of our favorite locations.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course…just that any move can be stressful, and it tends to show at work!

I hope that in my new apartment, I can get a better feel for the neighborhood and learn some of the secret “hot spots” that Creative Loafing is always blogging about.

By the way…I am also aware that Creative Loafing is a very liberal paper in general, and that some may not agree with its viewpoints. Continue reading

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The Etsy Betsy Spider

I admit to having borrowed the title of this post from another blogger, Boulder and the Beautiful, who writes about fashion, style, shopping, etc.

In any case, we at GCSS are considering using Etsy to sell some of the creations made at our Art and Food program in Marietta, which are all done by people with developmental disabilities. Continue reading

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Selling It…

I want to start off by once again thanking all the great social media experts that we’ve been networking with recently. It makes me very happy to know that we’re reaching out to others.

For instance, when I think of MySpace, for example, I don’t think we fit in there. We’re not a band; we’re not a coffee shop; and we’re not a tattoo parlor.

As Gini Dietrich, our new “business buddy,” so to speak, at Arment Dietrich, said in response to another blog entry, nonprofit promotions are not so different from advertising for other organizations…
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Looking for Expansion…

by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator

On Twitter, we follow Emily Weinberg, Blogger/Organizer of Nonprofit Blog Exchange, who regularly posts tips on just this sort of thing.

This particular URL, entitled “Blogging Tips: 52 Different Ideas!”, seemed particularly helpful. One of the first few tips was…

Since our WordPress version of the blog is relatively new, it’s understandable that it is an experiment, to some degree.

Yet another helpful tip shared by Spin Sucks, the authors of the above blog, was to create content on Associated Content, a.k.a. “The People’s Media Company.” Continue reading

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