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The Poetry of Work is…Image, Image, Image!

Once again, I’ve borrowed my title from an important person in my life, namely a college screenwriting professor.

My fiancee recently sent me a link from Yahoo! HotJobs entitled What Your Workspace Says About You, and I thought it worth sharing here.

It makes a number of excellent points about what conclusions people might draw from the image of your workspace.

I once visited the office of CosmoCom, Inc., whose “mission is to optimize communication between organizations and their customers.” Continue reading

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A Dress Code?? Oh, Right.

In regards to the company-wide e-mail sent out by Human Resources Director Valerie Henderson about dress code, I thought it worth addressing in the blog.

A few years ago, I also worked in a position similar to the one I have with GCSS…

I don’t mean to be a hypocrite, because there have been a few days when I’ve come in looking disheveled, and although I’m still technically an extern, I would never want to present GCSS in a negative light.
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