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Golden Goals: Achievement Collage

I don’t know if “collage” is the proper word, but it’s the best I could come up with. In the ongoing effort to think of a design theme for the Golden Goals Awards programs, I considered the idea of taking photos that would represent different types of achievements. Continue reading

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Nonprofit Writer’s Block…

As I felt the urge to write a blog entry this morning, I realized I had almost no idea what to blog about.

Therefore, I once again turned to one of my personal favorite blogs, The Fight Against Destructive Spin. Continue reading

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Sponsored by the Atlanta Foreign Press…

In case you were wondering, the title is somewhat sarcastic; however, it originates from a poster for “The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards”…

Well once again, Georgia Community Support and Solutions will be hosting our “Golden Goals Awards,” honoring achievements of people with disabilities, this September. Continue reading

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For the End of Autism Awareness Month

We were excited to learn that Color Me House, a designer of products that help stimulate creativity in children…mentioned us in their blog…

Anyone dedicated to the cause of helping people with disabilities is a friend of ours. Continue reading

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