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One More Time: Happy Thanksgiving, GCSS!

Every year on Thanksgiving, but even more so in the past few years, I’ve really taken a moment to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Last year, on our old BlogSpot blog, I wrote an entry entitled A Charlie Brown … Continue reading

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There’s No PR Like Good PR

by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator Yesterday afternoon, The Fight Against Destructive Spin published my guest blog post, entitled For Nonprofits, Social Media is the Message.  It discusses the role that social media like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs can play … Continue reading

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Objection, Your Honor! Relevance? (A Reflection on the Blog and Social Media)

As you can see by the picture above, there are some out there who are cynical about blogging in general. While I’m not necessarily one of these people, I do see their point in some instances.

Recently, someone in our organization noted that a few of the blog entries I’d written seemed a bit “off topic.” While the critique wasn’t highly specific… Continue reading

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What’s a Hoot? HootSuite, of Course!

Back in June, we signed up for HootSuite, another great social networking tool that I feel we haven’t used to its greatest potential.

If you’re unfamiliar, allow me to explain: HootSuite gives you the opportunity to integrate all of your various social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.), and check out RSS feeds from your friends on each. It’s very similar to TweetDeck (designed by Twitter), in which you can see, in a simple interface, whom you follow, who’s following you, and all the latest tweets your friends have made.

Continue reading

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Help! You Know I Need Someone…

All this writing about SEO, other blogs, promotional tools, and page traffic has got me thinking – perhaps it’s time we invite a guest blogger onto this humble WordPress page? Continue reading

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Content with the Content?

Thanks to Concept Hub, Inc. for the majority of the education!

Part of my job as Community Events Coordinator, as well as my ongoing education in social media, is creating a “content calendar.”

The content calendar formulates an excellent system for communicating…

At GCSS, we are still in the process of tweaking our content calendar… Continue reading

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For the End of Autism Awareness Month

We were excited to learn that Color Me House, a designer of products that help stimulate creativity in children…mentioned us in their blog…

Anyone dedicated to the cause of helping people with disabilities is a friend of ours. Continue reading

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