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Objection, Your Honor! Relevance? (A Reflection on the Blog and Social Media)

As you can see by the picture above, there are some out there who are cynical about blogging in general. While I’m not necessarily one of these people, I do see their point in some instances.

Recently, someone in our organization noted that a few of the blog entries I’d written seemed a bit “off topic.” While the critique wasn’t highly specific… Continue reading

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Feature: What Does the Phrase “Spin Sucks” Mean?

In recent months, I have continuously referred to one of my favorite blogs, The Fight Against Destructive Spin, a.k.a. “Spin Sucks,” for inspiration, as well as help in getting our name out there. Continue reading

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Golden Goals: Achievement Collage

I don’t know if “collage” is the proper word, but it’s the best I could come up with. In the ongoing effort to think of a design theme for the Golden Goals Awards programs, I considered the idea of taking photos that would represent different types of achievements. Continue reading

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An area of online promotion that has basically been around since the invention of the Web, but is still somewhat new to me, is the creation of banner ads (and all other types, for that matter).

I hate pop-up and pop-under ads, and basically all other intrusive forms of advertising, so I refuse to design those.

You might ask, “How did you get your position if you don’t know much about online advertising?” Continue reading

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