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In regards to yesterday’s blog entry…I want to stress that my idea about using the “chatterbots” to work with people who have disabilities was only a thought on my part, and does not represent the opinions of GCSS as a whole.

I admit that I’m not an expert on autism, and although I’ve met quite a few individuals with varying forms of the illness, this does not mean that I have the training to develop a computer program for them.
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Nonprofit Writer’s Block…

As I felt the urge to write a blog entry this morning, I realized I had almost no idea what to blog about.

Therefore, I once again turned to one of my personal favorite blogs, The Fight Against Destructive Spin. Continue reading

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Excitement Committee Annual Picnic

Join us for another year of FUN IN THE SUN! This year Spectacular Events will be providing an All-You-Can-Eat buffet of hamburgers and hot dogs grilled fresh on the spot with all the fixin’s and delicious baked beans, coleslaw and chips, as well as water, lemonade, and tea.
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Updates to Our Homepage

by Eric Pudalov, Community Events Coordinator

We at GCSS continuously strive to make improvements to our services. In turn, we are doing the same with our website.

Although we have received positive responses to the video on our front page, we may soon update it to reflect some of the recent changes in our programs…

We have been brainstorming about other “media ideas” as well… Continue reading

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