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Featured in Atlanta Parent

Atlanta Parent is a great magazine whose mission is to “share the stories that affect Atlanta families.” In their August 2010 issue, staff writer Melanie Wagner gathered together an expert panel to answer the questions of parents… Continue reading

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On a More Personal Note…

Things have been a little hectic this week, as I’m moving into a new apartment in Midtown Atlanta with my fiancée. It’s right across the street from Piedmont Park, one of our favorite locations.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course…just that any move can be stressful, and it tends to show at work!

I hope that in my new apartment, I can get a better feel for the neighborhood and learn some of the secret “hot spots” that Creative Loafing is always blogging about.

By the way…I am also aware that Creative Loafing is a very liberal paper in general, and that some may not agree with its viewpoints. Continue reading

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Meet the Press

Since my recent adventures in networking online, I’ve begun to brainstorm about what other social networks and/or strategies might be beneficial to our cause.

Arment Dietrich, a marketing firm, states that they “…provide strategic counsel and apply aggressive public relations tactics to expand your internal communication team.”

Also today, in between working on our events calendar and the Excitement Committee display, I happened upon an article entitled Get Traffic to My Website—Tips to Increase Website Traffic… Continue reading

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